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All following testimonials are verbatum from e-mails.
Frank Baker Decal Bat Repair
Hi Steve -- the bat was great; you did a better job that I expected!  Thank and I'll let you know if I get anything more interesting for you.
Mark Walters
Lou Gehrig Store Model Bat Repair
Just got the bat back… WOW… it looks phenomenal
Thanks, Bert Magladry

Ty Cobb & Reach/Burley Decal Bats
 The bats look great!!  The Ty Cobb bat looks original with decal.  The Burley bat turned out great, like it was not cut down, I have seen others the same size 31".  The mushroom bat looks good with the color, and the club bat, or bottle bat repair looks great.  Thank you for your time to restore some history. Just curious, for insurance purposes, what do you think the Ty Cobb bat is worth?  Again, thank you.    TIM MORRISON

Lou Brock Bat Restoration ( Bat sawed in half) & Mickey Owens Bat Restoration ( Bat cut down as a stair balistar)
The work you did on these bats is amazing, especially considering what you had to work with.  Both bats came out much better that I could have imagined at the outset.  Whatever nit picks I might have aren't worth mentioning -- it would be like complaining to the heart surgeon who saved your life that the incision was too long.  Thanks so much for your great work!   Jeff Scott

Joe Altobelli & Dusty Baker Restorations
Hello Steve,
I received the bats a few moments ago. I am totally satisfied. Excellent job ! You will always be my first contact for bat restoration. Excellent turnaround. I will also refer you to others.
 All the Best.
 Dave Parlet 

Stan Musial & Joe Maeur Restorations
Bats received . . . amazing job. Thank you.
Steve Burlison
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Babe Ruth Bat Restoration
Received the bat today, its gorgeous, looks like a $1,000.00 bat to me, great job and you will definitely be on my recommended list.  Thanks again.
Steve Santero
Tony Perez Bat Restoration
Hey Steve,
I received the Perez bat a few moments ago. You've completed once again another nice turnaround job.
Thank you.
Until the next time, take care. 
Dave Parlet
Very nice! 
Steve also makes some very nice Spalding bat rack repros - I own one, and it is top notch!
Neal Kane- From Game Used Universe forum

Vintage Miller Huggins Store Model Bat Restoration
Hi Steve
 Received it today, simply gorgeous.No auction item, I'm keeping it. Thanks so much
Steve Santero

Reproduction Mini Bats & Rack
I just unpacked the bats and rack.  Wow!!!  I couldn't be happier.  Thanks for the fast shipping.  
Bill Hetrick
Lou Gehrig H&B 125 Restoration
Fantastic work my friend. Might have a couple of buddies who also have bats to restore. Send the Paypal slip. I will complete ASAP! Do you any thoughts on a wall mount? How about insure for 500 bucks to be safe or do you think that is too much? Talk soon. 
Mark R. Jones

Eddie Collins Decal Bat Restoration
 Bat was delivered today.  Fantastic job!!... thank you.....have a happy holiday season....

Lou Gehrig H&B 40 LS Restoration
 Steve, The Lou Gehrig bat just arrived yesterday and I can’t believe how much better it looks.  You did a tremendous job. I'm blown away by
  how much better the finish is and the damage to the barrel and knob is significantly reduced. Thank you for the excellent work.
 Brent Beiser
Carlton Fisk Restoration
Hi steve i picked up the bat late last night.it looks great thanks 
Bryan Holmes

Stan Musial Game Used Restoration
Steve- just got email with scans. I am thrilled with job, you are right, any sanding on stamping area would ruin integrity of bat. Stamping is light to begin with, which was the major weakness of bat. Thanks for the care you took to preserve stamping.
Glenn Wright Restoration
I recently acquired a 1920’s era game-used bat, which unfortunately was cracked nearly through at the handle, and also had major splitting in the barrel.  The trick was to fix those problems but not restore it “good as new,” as that would have also removed the bat’s character of being almost a century old.  Vintage Sports Restorations did a beautiful job repairing the crack and splitting, but without leaving evidence that the bat had been restored.  I feel like I my bat got museum-quality attention, and look forward to finding the next piece of memorabilia to entrust to Steve.
Jeff Bobeck
George "Stormy" Kromer Testamonial Bat Restoration
The bat looks GREAT!!!  Thanks Steve
Bob Jacquart-Owner of Jacquart Fabric Products
Home of Stormy Kromer Hats

Good morning, Steve!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  Just wanted to let you know that my grandson absolutely loves his bat rack.  He was so excited and he hugged me several times and thanked me for it.  He had enough bats to fill the whole rack.  He now wants a mushroom bat, whatever that is! We had our Christmas with family yesterday because our son and his family was in Montana for Christmas.  Just wanted you to know you made a nine year old very happy.  My son said your directions for putting it together were really easy.  Thank you again!
Linda Shelton


 I just got the bat and I couldn't be more pleased.
 Thank you for the great service from beginning to end and I hope to find  more cracked bats for you soon.
 Thanks! Goh Nishiyama
Steve - They look fantastic! Love the color that you have restored to the bats. These bats may not be the most rare or valuable but they are really special to me and they are going to look great on display. You're a real craftsman, Steve. Thanks for the quick work. Chris Wirthwein
I received my bat and the attention to detail was great. My Ken Griffey Jr. bat is a sentimental item as he was my favorite player growing up. I am glad to have an item that means a lot to me restored from minor wear. The turnaround time was amazing as it felt like I received the bat, the moment I shipped it out. I look forward to any future bat repair to my collectibles to be handled by Steve Abramson. Thanks. Chris Sankowski
Steve, I realize I never got the chance to say thank you for the work you did on the Madlock bat.  I had it shipped to you directly and so it was the first time I had seen it in person.  The extra work you did on it was really worth it, the bat is really nice.  I’m working on getting Madlock to sign it, it is a great addition to the collection. Jeff Bobeck
All bats in hand....they look great! Thanks again,Batman! See you in a few months. Have a great summer. Donald Murray
Corey Seager Restoration
Got the bat today. Very pleased Steve. Thanks for the great work. 
Brian Veneski
Wayne Zaskoda Restoration
The bat looks amazing! Thank you for the excellent work.
I will see my father on the 16th and have him sign your card then.  
Again, thank you for the outstanding work. 
~Scott Zaskoda  8/8/14
Bill Mueller & Brock Holt Restorations
Bats arrived...you're the best! Mueller bat repair is amazing!!! Thx again.
Donald Murray 3/31/15

A-Frame Bat Rack
Thank you for sending the photos.  It looks great! Can wait to get it. Thank you. Very easy to assemble.  Well if you ever need a reference for your bat racks feel free to use me.  They are awesome!
Thanks again,
Andy Benish 5/22/15
Restore finish on Ozzie Smith Store Model Bat
Looks great Steve! Thank you again for the quick turnaround.
The finish looks amazing! 
Matt Webb 6/15/15 
Restore Bryce Harper, Rickey Henderson, Michael Taylor & Espinoza

The bats arrived ... and you're right, they look stunning!
I'm regularly amazed at how good you make bats look - even those that seem beyond repair. The repair you did on the natural ash Michael Taylor bat is especially impressive.
Nathan Musick 7/2/15
Green Hornet Customized Gumball Machine

Hi Steve.  I received the machine yesterday and it's AWESOME.  I already have it full of gumballs and small Green Hornet buttons set up in my game room. Thanks for getting it together for me and packing it so well.
Robert Navarro  8/13/15
Restore Escabar & Uggla Bats
Hi Steve,

I picked up the Escabar and Uggla bats and as usual they look great.
I really appreciate your attention to detail in adding a lot of pine tar / mota stick to the handle of Uggla's bat to get it back to the condition it was in when he last used it.
Nathan Musick   8/22/15
Restore Babe Ruth Store Model Bat
Wow Steve the bat is SUPER NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!.......
Jeff Adams  10/22/15
1st Little League Bat
Oh Steve, I have no words!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The bat looks amazing and so does the Bat Rack!!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!  I'm going to let you ship it to my Moms house, who lives very close to me, so he doesn't see it. Thank you so much for helping me make a precious Christmas memory!!!!!!  Your the BEST!!!!!!!
Patti Vines  12/12/15

Hi Steve,
  That is exactly what I had in mind. It is beautiful!
Regards-- Paul Jacobs  9/21/17
Steve, Ashburn bat arrived safely. I love it, thank you. It will likely be my only bat, but if I ever need any bat work, I will let you know. Well done
Bruce Garland   11/16/17

Steve, I received the bats today. All I can say is "Wow" ! You have out done yourself. You have turned firewood into treasure. Well done ! I will be sending 2 more so keep an eye out for them . Thanks !
Frank Rodriguez  2/6/18
Thanks, I just paid it . I am curious, do you have a lot of people sending you bats or just a few? Your work is impeccable. Most the time I can’t even recall why I sent it to you. There is another guy who restores his own bats and sells them on eBay but he does not do nearly as good of a job and most often you can tell that the bat has been restored.
Frank Rodriguez  6/25/18
Steve: The Clemente bat looks great. Thanks. I'll work to get the Gil Hodges bat to you later this week. 
Paul Pezzoli   6/18/18
Wright Ditson Vintage Bat Cracked
HI Steve - got the bat today and love it. 
Thanks so much. I can't even tell the bat was ever cracked, it's really amazing.
Matt Davis     10/19/18

Stan Musial GU Bat

I received the bat yesterday. I just wanted to tell you it looks amazing. Thanks again.
Benjamin Farnsworth
GoodSports Sports Cards  07/24/19