Being involved in woodworking for over 40 years I branched out a while back into bat restoration. When contacted by a major bat authenticator to restore some bats it was a natural transition since I am a collector first.

I have repaired vintage bats from Ruth, Cobb, Sisler & Gehrig to more recent gamers like Mantle, Musial  Mattingly, Ripkin Jr & Jeter. Any repairs are possible with barely any sign that bats were ever broken. I also do decal bat restoration. Decals come mostly from old folio pages that were duplicated and are identical to originals. Decals are applied, then spray finished over them and hand rubbed to look authentic. Sometimes hand painting is also incorporated. I have done restoration for Yogi Berra's Museum in Montclair State Univ. in NJ w/ this method.

I am authorized by Spalding to build 25 bat racks per year. These are extremely limited. Racks are built of the highest quality. Inquire about these or any other custom bat racks or golf club racks you may be interested in having made. Look for my racks in Phillies & Pirates Stadium kiosks for Hunt Auctions.

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